Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have moved on to greener more technologically advanced pasteurs! I'm now with MSNspaces. Where you can host photo albums and such kewl things as video!

SO here it is! Blogger is goooone beddy byes!

New site can be accessed at:

Later all!


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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I thought I saw a porno star..!!!

Today at the gym I thought I saw a porno star. You know the stereotypical Jemma Jameson type. Blonde, lithe, wearing very little with very pneumatic breasts! I swear those things didn't move a millimeter when she walked. Ohwell, that was about the most exciting thing today. Another dull, almost deadly boring day at work due to the rain.

So like..WUSSUP..??
  • Friday night team drinks: Went quite well! I guess I was expecting the same old faces but surprisingly quite a few new ones turned up as well. We started off at 'Equilibrium Bar' at World Square then on to the Jap place at Victoria's Gallery and then to Hilton for a sugar hit. Way too many carbs for one night. Also later as we were walking back to the station we saw a car rammed into the entrance to '3 wise monkeys' causing the following sections of George St. to be closed down. Apparently, some leb did it because he wasn't let in the previous night. The bouncer apparently had broken legs, but that is only speculation.
  • My resume had been given to my mate at G.E. and am now awaiting positions to arise. Hope it's soon.
  • Surprise surprise. Not only my Mum came back but my Dad also. Have been eating royally since Sunday. The home feels like a home again. Awaiting the big talk about the future plans.
  • Physio. Have had two appointments so far. Was really good. I was sceptical about going to one at FF, but because I couldn't get an appointment elsewhere I decided to do it there. Think I am on my way now to full recovery. Hoping to be back at paddling in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.
  • 1st race of the season. This sunday! Don't know how we will do, but grand unveiling of our new colours and uniform. I'm doing the logistics for this one as I have nothing better to do. Yay!

That's about it really..My life is boring.


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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Well as usual, there comes a time where, yeah, no blogs happen. Not to say nothing has happened in reality, just nothing on the blog. So let's update shall we?
  • Exams: Done. Let's leave it at that. All I have to say is that I have never been so unmotivated in my life. One of my worst exam periods ever. I hang my head in definate shame. But done. Can't change now, only not do it again next semester.
  • Broken back: I assume I got this from trying out the lower back machine to balance my upper back. But who knows, it's probable from the abuse I've given it over the years or from overtraining it during dragonboat. I've always had a period in the year of bad back (from an high jump incident in highschool) but that normally subsides and dissapears within a week or two. This one has lasted me for 5 weeks. I am genuinely concerned I have done some major damage to it and am also depressed from lack of physical activity I can do. Will definately be going to a chiropractor this week. So sad, I hate being handicapped, let alone not being able to paddle.
  • Itch that needs to be scratched: Well, as per previous posts am thinking I need some female companionship. Haha. Yes, it is time!
  • Looking for a new job: I am finally after all these years of serving the masses at Starbucks, am genuinely looking for greener pasteurs. Will miss the people, the free coffee and the interaction with customers. But when you get it in your head that you've overstayed your welcome, it's time to pack your bags and skadoodle out of there. Any one want to hire me?
  • Naga Spirit: Since the advent of the new team name and new season. I have being doing a lot of behind the scenes work (Kit, you are the man for doing it all these years!). And to be honest, I AM LOVING IT! Well, the management and organisation part anyway. The people part however, can test my patience at times, but as they say 'patience is a virtue best served cold'..Haha, ohkay that is a combined phrase. Adults can be such sheep sometimes, they constantly need to be herded in the right direction. But if there's anyone to kick their asses, it's going to be me!
  • Study Room: Finally complete. Now all I need to do is get a nice new computer in there, fill it full with books and insightful study posters and walah! Joe has joined the nerd corp! Hehe..Will post up pics soon.
  • Mum left again: Yes, after 4 weeks of having food preped when I got home, I am back on feeding myself *sigh*. At least this time my sis is around to sometimes cook for me.

So all around. I guess everything is kewl and are they way they should be. Ahh, fuck it, everything is not ohkay because my back is FUCKED! Fingers crossed it's nothing serious when I go to the chiro this week.

Joe (Missing his paddling desperately!)

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I so could do with a cold one at the moment. Have finally settled into a study rhythm. I hope it's not too late. All I want is a pass man! Not asking for much! Just a pass!

Tomorrow is expected to be 30 degrees plus. It is just the start of spring and its 30 degrees plus. I'm imagining (actually don't need to imagine, I know I am!) turning into a blackie come summer time, it's going to be a scorcher this year I can feel it. My skin feels it. Better be dilligent this year and start conscienciously putting on some 40+.

Think I will get my sister to shave my head tomorrow. Not bald but maybe a number 2 on the blade. It's hot and my mullet is getting heavy! Haha, plus too lazy and stingy to go to the barber.

Back to work!

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Saturday, October 01, 2005


I think I am going off the deep end..

Of recent thoughts that came into my head whilst studying:

  • 'Maybe I should shave my head?'..No idea why. But I look like an escaped criminal with a shaved head. I have done it once in 1999, and yes, torpedo head is me. Will scan it and upload it for viewing pleasure..HAHA..

Above picture is what I look like full shaven. Undoubtedly a lot of you have probable never seen me like this as I generally have some sort of growth happening. But yes, once in a while, just to make shure that the girls realise that I didn't escape from some zoo or crawl out from underneath a rock, I do shave.

Hehe, funny is it not?

Ohkay 'International Financial Management' calling out my name...


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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I read this sci-fi novel once where humans learnt via implanted chips directly into the brain. The way it worked was that if you were meant to be able to assimilate the information on the chip your brain would not reject it. If not then, another chip was installed till the right kind of information needed was come apon. Kind of like a transplant really, your body either rejects it or not. Makes it a lot easier to know where your niche in life is does it not? But alas, it would not be life without having travelled down the road less taken!

But anyway, procrastinating again (I have only managed 2 chapters of international finance today). And am going to the gym at 2:30pm hence it continues.

Above are pictures courtesy of Phyllis from last year. Haha, I can't be bothered to describe them.

Since last weeks blog nothing much has really happened. All of last week at work was waiting for the last shift on friday so that I could get away for holidays. Even if it wasn't a real holiday and more of a stuvac. Then subsequently spent the weekend trying to get into the study mode, resulting in me really only studying marketing law. I think I am slowly getting into the mode, if only for the fact that my exams are on next week!

Oh yeah...


Who won an exciting Grand Final by 4 points with a screamer by leaping Leo Barry on the siren. Besides that? Wests Tigers and the Cowboys made it into the NRL Grand Final. Who would have thought they would overcome the favourites St. George and Parramatta. I knew I should have put money on the Cowboys. Think I will put some money down on them to win the Grand Final!

Just realise that the photo collage has duplicates. Ohwell. Off to the gym and then more study. Yay!


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Monday, September 19, 2005


My daily blogging regime has turned into a weekly event. Ohwell, not for lack of trying but more for lack of energy. Where them energon cubes when you need them?

A bit freer today after handing in my Marketing Communications assignment so I thought I'd blog a bit. Verbal diarrhea here I come..

So I guess I should start with last week huh? Yeah, ohkay. So PROCRASTINATION was definately the theme of all last week. Somehow after find out that the Marketing Communications assignment was held back a week lead me down the path of never ending procrastination. It was as bad as I have ever had it. Just couldn't break out of that cycle of 'yeah I have time' and '1 more hour of tv and then I'll do work'. Did not also help that my team mate was unmotivated. It was such a vicious cycle.

Anyhow, done and dusted.

On finance wednesday, I did really terrible in my class quiz. Only worth like 2% but when it's open book and you still don't know shit, you know something is wrong somewhere (joe = no brain is the equation).

Thursday was spent working half the day and procrastinating half the night as it was T.V thursday. Did not do jack for my assignment. Only got as far as outlining what each of us had to do. Sucks ass..

Friday was spent at work then home to get ready for 'the Producers' at Lyric Theatre with Binny. Also, my Mum left today meaning no decent food for me for another month and a half. At least this time my sis is around to semi-cook for me. Not quite Mum's cooking but at least I will eat! Beck, Investment cooking soon? Hehe..

I thoroughly recommend 'the Producers' if you haven't watched it. I feel so cultured now that I've watched a Broadway show (and not the one in Sydney!). Haha..But no really, it was a really funny in that crude Mel Brooks way. I was thinking 'Men In Tights' and 'Blazing saddles' and 'Space Balls' all the way. Just imagine me laughing and repulsing all those 'proper' show watchers. HAHA..

Oh and GO THE SWANNIES! Yeah..the Swans smashed the Saints and are into the Grand final this Friday. Pity Baz did something stupid to sour the moment. Saturday and Sunday was spent doing assignment and at training. YAY.. Spent the whole day today doing the assignment. Fark! Going home and going straight to bed, well after Idol anyway..


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